Preventing Type 2 Diabetes in the Next Generation!

By: Beverleigh H Piepers

The tendency toward developing type 2 diabetes can be hereditary, but how we are nurtured also plays an important part in our health. If you have type 2 diabetes and have children, one concern you have is in preventing diabetes from affecting them too.

 According to recent research, the best type of diet for diabetics, type 1 or type 2, is likely to be the vegan diet. Vegans eat no animal or animal products. This is one healthy way to raise a child. If a good variety and enough calories are provided, there will be enough protein available.Calcium is available from:

  • broccoli
  • kale,
  • spinach
  • turnip greens and
  • Swiss chard.
Although vegans tend not to eat as much calcium as omnivores, utilization of the calcium eaten appears to be more efficient, so not as much is needed.

Dark green leafy vegetables (remember Popeye?) and lentils are good sources of iron. Vitamin B12, used for making red blood cells, can be a concern, and should be supplied with nutritional yeast, fortified tofu, or a supplement. Providing vegan nutrition need not make for radical changes.

A school lunch with a peanut butter and jam sandwich (use whole wheat), and an apple with 100 per cent fruit juice or water to drink is vegan. So is spaghetti with tomato sauce. Hamburgers can be made with vegetable patties and whole wheat buns, tomatoes, lettuce, and onions for a healthy meal. Veggie wieners are so much like the real thing that meat eaters cannot tell the difference.

If you feel that your child cannot live without meat and animal products, at least try limiting meat to lean varieties and cut out processed meats. Substitute skim milk for homogenized and serve plain yogurt with fresh fruit instead of the kind with fruit on the bottom.

When it comes to quenching thirst on a hot day, contrary to all the commercials, there is really nothing like cool water. Add a slice of lime for some flavor and a little vitamin C. Cool sparkling water can also be refreshing with a little 100 per cent fruit juice added for flavoring. Avoiding the sugar, and especially the high fructose corn syrup in the soft drinks or soda, will help control weight and maintain insulin sensitivity, the key to preventing type 2 diabetes.

Left to their own devices, children will usually choose candy for their favorite snack, and the sweetness will keep them wanting more. Why not break this cycle with the sweetness of apples or berries? There are many kinds of apples, with different appealing colors and flavors. Try buying one of each kind the grocery store has to offer and have your child try each one. Once you know his or her favorite kind, you can use this instead of sugary snacks. At first it may seem a little dull, but once your child becomes used to fruit, he/she will appreciate how sweet it is.

Many people go for fast foods because they're well... fast! But if you pack a healthy meal containing fruits and veggies into a picnic basket, you can avoid the lines at McDonald's.

No summer seems complete without ice cream but what about substituting with sherbet... that's less fat and calories? Or read the label and find the kind made with milk instead of cream.

Start your children eating healthy fat-free food today... then they will develop good eating habits and lower their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Would you like more information about alternative ways to handle your type 2 diabetes?

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Beverleigh Piepers is a registered nurse who would like to help you understand how to live easily and happily with your type 2 diabetes. (c) 2010